2007-11-01Telecon, 10AM HST (4PM EDT)

Post-meeting notes:

-- Vern and John will proceed with design and fabrication of the base plate.

-- Vern will proceed with design of the box and, by the end of the year, hand off to Amanda (who will order components and work with MIT student Folkers Rojas for completion). [Note that components such as the optics and the filter wheel might have a long lead time.]

-- For now, the box will follow the current design: (i) maintain a simple optical path with a filter wheel in the converging beam, (ii) start with broadband filters (+ open) although access to filters is important, and (iii) a translation stage on the camera will allow adjustments for filters of differing thickness.

-- Simultaneous obs. with SpeX will require a one-time, on-site, parfocal alignment.


audiobridge number: 617-452-5190

participants: Gulbis & Elliot (@ MIT), Rayner & Stahlberger (@ Manoa), Bus (@ Hilo)

items to discuss:

(1) Mounting box design

(a) Overview of main box components

(i) base frame - frame with cover window and light baffle, to be bolted to SpeX

(ii) instrument box - containing optics plate and connected to base frame via dowel pins (one-time alignment)

(iii)camera interface - camera bolts onto linear-stage plate to allow ~2-5 mm focus

-- does focusing adequately addresses the optics design issue?

(b) Specific box components

(i) filter wheel - commercial model with 6 positions and access to change filters

(ii) degree of light tightness - can achieve 1st order (one 90 deg. bend /step)

(2) Construction

(a) Who builds what?

(b) Timelines and cost

(3) Anything else?