2007-12-06 Telecon, 10AM HST (3PM EST)

Post-meeting notes:

-- decision to go ahead with ACE filter wheel, ensuring that the size is the same as model Vern was using

-- don't buy filters yet, due to budget constraints (also get input from Bobby)

-- Vern and Folkers will talk on best format for design exchange and Vern's transfer of knowledge


Amanda - send Folkers' email info. to Vern and John

John - send optics specs. and vendor info to Amanda (and provide tolerances to Vern)

Vern - obtain estimated timeline for machining, onsite testing, and shipping interface piece to MIT


audiobridge number: 617-452-5202

participants: Gulbis (@ MIT), Rayner & Stahlberger (@ Manoa)

items to discuss:

(1) POETS-SpeX interface design -- ready for fabrication?

(2) Handoff of POETS box design from Vern to Folkers (at MIT)

(3) Filter wheel -- discuss quote from ACE and what information we need to send them.

(4) What to do next?