2008-04-21 Telecon, 7AM HST (1PM EDT)

Post-meeting notes:

-- Everything is set for shipping and mounting. Look over pre-ship review for details.

Action Items:

-- Gulbis to provide shipping information to G. Koenig

-- Bus to talk with A. Tokunaga concerning times that will be available for POETS engineering on 05 May

-- Gulbis to contact Miranda Hawarden re: network connection


Audio bridge number from MIT pending

participants: Gulbis (@ MIT); Bus, Bergknut (?), and Rayner (?) (@ Hawaii)

Items to discuss:

(1) Preship review
-- quick overview of instrument status
-- any questions on presentation aside from shipping and mounting plans below?

(2) Shipping plans
-- tracking numbers and itemized packing lists will be provided
-- anticipate shipping one hard case ~ 24"x26"x18" and one computer case ~ 23"x13"15"
-- ship DHL 2-day to G. Koenig by 23 April
-- will hand carry camera and optics

(3) Mounting plans
-- Lars and Amanda to mount the instrument during the day 30 April - 02 May
-- Level of participation by Bobby and John?
-- What engineering time will we have on night of 05 May?