2008-10-23 Telecon, 9:30AM HST (15:30 EDT)

Post-meeting notes:

-- Filters should be ready next week, filter wheel interface hopefully by the end of the year.

Action Items:

-- John and Vern to combine the as-made optics holders into the ray trace to investigate vignetting (Folkers to provide documentation)

-- Amanda to have filters shipped to Bobby

-- Amanda to look into geting Zemax, for this and other instrumentation projects (apparently it runs on a Mac under Bootcamp or Parallels -- there is a USB dongle!)

Audio bridge number from MIT: 617.324.7294

participants: Gulbis (@ MIT); Bus, and Rayner (@ Hawaii)

Items to discuss:

(1) Filter order
- reminder that we ordered Sloan g,r,i,z, VR, V, and long-pass red from Asahi
- the order will be ready to ship next week
- where should we have it sent? (to Bobby at IfA?)

(2) Vignetting issue
- Folkers' engineering diagrams are on the website
- he thinks the problem lies in lens holder #1, which has a small baffle that extends below the folding mirror

- want to put this in Zemax to confirm before doing any machining!!

- how do we proceed?

(3) Filter wheel interface
- Alain (sp?) is taking on this task
- expect to have filter wheel control by spring

(4) Amanda visit in the spring
- goal is to solve vignetting, test/vet filter wheel operation, install filters, and basically ensure instrument is in an operational and maintainable state
- four proposed KBO appulses are 15-25 May -- is that a good time, or do we have a better option?