2008-10-28 Telecon, 9:30AM HST (15:30 EDT)

Post-meeting notes:

-- Mirror problem was an error in the spec. Upsizing to > 2.1" diamter should work. 3" are available off the shelf, so we'll go with that and remake the mount.

Action Items:

(1) Vern to send STEP file (complete with ray) to Folkers.

(2) John to check with Alan re: payment for machining the mirror holder coming from MIT (can we use a purchasing order?) [estimated ~ $1500 to make the part, require ~ 2-3 weeks]

(3) Vern to continue with design and machine shop drawings, assuming that the part can/will be made in Hawaii.

(4) Folkers to look over Vern's drawings, confirm the new mirror mount and investigate the entire ray path for other possible vignetting (especially the baffle on lens holder 1). He will provide instruction for Hawaii modification to the lens holder, if needed.

(5) John to confirm that mirror 30D20ER.2 from the Newport catalog is acceptable (http://www.newport.com/store/product.aspx?id=141088&lang=1033).

(6) Amanda to order the mirror and have it shipped to Hawaii. Does it go to John? Vern?

(7) Bobby to anticipate arrival of filters in the next week or so.


Audio bridge number from MIT: 617.452.5202

participants: Gulbis & Rojas (@ MIT); Bus, Rayner, & Stahlberger (@ Hawaii)

Items to discuss:

(1) Vignetting issue
- Vern has added Folker's lens holders into the engineering files

- culprit is the folding mirror (?!) -- what about the baffle?

- possibly solution is installing larger mirror, which involves redesign and machining of a new mount
- go over Vern's powerpoint presenation of lens holders