Manual Pointing Charts for Pluto 2015/06/29 (P20150629)




These charts were designed around star-hopping with a CCD mounted to a GEM telescope mount.  Pluto and the occultation star will be north of the constellation Sagittarius. Note the position of the Moon and Saturn for reference.  This first set of images are oriented North down and East right to match how looking from behind a GEM in Southern Hemisphere would look.





If you think of Sagittarius as a teapot, your target will be to the north east of the handle:


This image is of just Sagittarius at about 15deg FOV.

The 3 brighter stars below would make good focus stars prior to finding your field.



Now we move to the occultation field.  Note, so that you can read the text in the following images, North is up and East is left as we look through telescope. Arrows point to a distinct pattern of stars.  Brighter star names should match between image below and following images.




















n Sgr


o Sgr

E2 Sgr

E1 Sgr













You have arrived!