Occultation of P456

The following prediction results from the analysis of 37 strip scans obtained at the Lowell Observatory Astrograph by MIT observers during 2005 and 2006, compared with an offset to the light-time corrected, geocentric JPL Horizon's ephemeris (System DE413 - Pluto source file; PLU013; Earth center source file; DE405) determined by comparing the Pluto system barycenter to the measured barycenter from the strips. The offsets between the measured RA and Dec of P456, 2UCAC 25822467, and its UCAC2 values are also given in the table.


Reference star position:
(UCAC2, at epoch of event)
RA (J2000) Dec (J2000) UCAC Mag
P456 17 53 31.951 –16 22 47.00 13.3
Offsets from Reference Position/Ephemeris
Body RA (arcsec) Dec (arcsec) Notes


+0.174± 0.007 +0.024± 0.007 From 37 strip scans
Pluto System Barycenter 0 ± 0 ±  
Pluto 0 ± 0 ± From PLU013


P456 Prediction

(as of: 2006 10 04)

Geocentric Mid-time (yyyy mm dd hh:mm:ss) 2007 May 12 04:39:11 UT
Minimum Geocentric Separation (arcsec) 0.332± 0.007
Position Angle (deg; Pluto relative to the star) -177.2
Geocentric Velocity (km/s) 17.7
Prediction Version P456-AST-1.2

Prediction Notes

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