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Pluto Occultation of PC570

Prediction Version

Date of Prediction

(y m d)

Date and Time

(y m d h:s)

Minimum Separation


PC570 Right Ascension (J2000)

(h m s) or

offset in (arcsec)

Declination (J2000)

(d m s) or

offset in (arcsec)

Pluto Right Ascension Offset


Pluto Declination Offset


Position Angle


Data Used Notes

2007 10 05

2008 6 22 19:19:02 UT

0.028± 0.016

17 58 33.0135


+0.0171± 0.0033

–17 02 38.345


+0.029± 0.003


–0.0626± 0.0127


+0.089± 0.016

+175.62 From 185 strip scans and 89 USNO 61inch frames

A, B

(see below)


A) The ephemeris used in this prediction is that generated for Pluto with JPL's Horizon's Ephemeris service (corrected for Light Travel time). Ephemeris Files used included PLU013.

B) Results for PC570 are tabulated as offsets from the position given by UCAC2 catalog. Results for Pluto (if any) are tabulated as offsets from the unmodified JPL Horizon's ephemeris. Strip scan reduction includes simultaneous least-squares point spread fitting to Pluto and Charon as well as PC570, and uses the UCAC2 catalog for astrometric calibration.


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