Above Images: (left) MORIS mounted on the side-facing exit window of SpeX; (right) the MORIS control computer mounted in an IRTF cooling bay.

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Gulbis, A.A.S., S.J. Bus, J.L. Elliot, J.T. Rayner, W.E. Stahlberger, F.E. Rojas, E.R. Adams, M.J. Person, R. Chung, A.T. Tokunaga, C.A. Zuluaga, First Results from the MIT Optical Rapid Imaging System (MORIS) on the IRTF: A Stellar Occultation by Pluto and a Transit by Exoplanet XO-2b , PASP, 123, 461-469, 2011.

Gulbis, A.A.S., J.L. Elliot, F.E. Rojas, S.J. Bus, J.T. Rayner, W.E. Stahlberger, A.T. Tokunaga, E.R. Adams, M.J. Person, A New Instrument for the IRTF: the MIT Optical Rapid Imaging System (MORIS), Bull Amer. Ast. Soc. 42(4), 1105, 2010.



* General camera specs.: Andor iXon DU-897

* IRTF MORIS camera specs.: X-3020


MORIS became a facility instrument at the IRTF in 2011. Please direct all questions regarding instrument use to the IRTF.

* IRTF MORIS Website -- information about normal operation

* Windows software usage guide (only when booted under Windows)

* CCD camera: Andor iXon (basic info, and some operation of Windows software)

* GPS: Spectrum Instruments TM-4

Fore-optics box

Engineering Drawing

Filter curves: SDSS, Johnson V, VR, long-pass red (full response of all optics and ccd)

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