- Handed over to the IRTF as a facility instrument in 2011.

Above Image:

Closeup of the IRTF MORIS filter wheel with shiny new Asahi filters.


(project complete, mid 2011)
white items are complete, grey items are scheduled

03/2011: manuscript published in PASP

2011A: Observations to be taken for three science programs (PIs Gulbis, Adams, & Emery)

12/10/2010 First results manuscript submitted to PASP

10/04/2010 MORIS presented at the annual AAS DPS Meeting

08/27/2010-09/01/2010 Gulbis & Bus test the modified system during an engineeering run

08/06/2010 MORIS mounted on SpeX

07/27/2010 Machining & anodizing complete for new foreoptics/housing box

07/23/2010 Lenses received

03/26/2010 Order for four lenses placed

03/23/2010 Mechanical design complete

10/2009 Decision to revise the optical path to include a stop, requiring overhaul of the foreoptics box

06 & 07/2009 Observing runs to test newly baffled system

06/15/2009 Baffles installed; ship MORIS back to Hillo for reconstruction and mounting on telescope

05/22/2009 Fore-optics box shipped to Oa'hu for baffle installation

05/12-26/2009 Gulbis in Hawai'i: MORIS removed from telescope; engineering observations and laboratory tests; filters and filter wheel interface checked out

03/2009 Protective frame complete

02/2009 Filter wheel/computer interface complete

12/05/2008 New mirror mount swapped with old mount

12/01/2008 New mirror mount complete

11/2008 3" diameter folding mirror ordered and received in Hawaii

11/07/2008 Confirmation of filters received in Hawaii

11/2008 Vignetting issue tracked to the folding mirror being slightly too small; new mirror mount designed

08/08/2008 Filters ordered from Asahi (Sloan g',r',i',z', Johnson V, VR, & longpass r)

07/22/2008 Second set of optics received (@ MIT)

06/18/2008 Two red filters installed: I and 700 nm longpass

05/30/2008 Documentation compiled

05/06/2008 First science observation

05/05/2008 Engineering observations

05/02/2008 System mounted: initial tests of camera and GPS successful

04/30/2008 Begin mounting MORIS on SpeX

04/23/2008 POETS shipped to Hawaii via DHL 2-day

04/22/2008 Final laboratory testing of system at MIT complete

04/18/2008 Pre-ship review

04/17/2008 Intermediate laboratory testing of system at MIT complete

04/10/2008 Anodized components back at MIT

04/09/2008 Camera control computer set up

04/07/2008 Components sent out for anodizing

04/07/2008 Initial laboratory testing of system at MIT complete

04/06/2008 Second set of optics ordered

04/02/2008 Fore-optics box construction complete

03/19/2008 Progress report submitted to NASA

03/18/2008 All components (specifically optics) in-hand

03/06/2008 Manual shutter (for SpeX side-facing exit window; fabricated in Hawaii) received at MIT

02/08/2008 Outer pieces of fore-optics box machined

01/28/2008 Receipt of Smartmotor

01/2008 Order placed for optics (3 custom lenses and one mirror)

01/16/2008 F. Rojas starts work on final design and fabrication of fore-optics box

01/2008 Receipt of POETS control computer, GPS, and filter wheel; order placed for Smartmotor

01/2008 POETS-SpeX interface plate tested onsite and shipped to MIT

01/2008 Optical design and specification complete

12/2007 Orders placed for custom filter wheel and GPS

12/2007 POETS-SpeXinterface plate fabricated

12/2007 Design draft of fore-optics box complete

08/2007 Reconnaissance visit to IRTF

08/2007 Receipt of camera

07/2007 Start of project

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