Our Group


None at present

Research and Teaching Staff

Amanda S. Bosh (Lecturer) - 12.409 and Planetary Rings
Tim Brothers - Wallace Observatory Site Manager
Amanda A.S. Gulbis (Visiting Scientist) - Small-body Occultations and Instrumentation
Stephen Levine (Visiting Scientist) - Astrometry and Galactic Dynamics
Michael J. Person (Research Scientist) - Atmospheric Analysis Through Occultations
Carlos A. Zuluaga (Research Associate) - Small-body Occultations

Postdoctoral Associates

None at present

Administrative Staff

Allison Cocuzzo - Administrative Assistant

Graduate Students

Amanda Zangari - Dwarf planets and mutual events

Undergraduate Students


Stephanie Sallum - Stellar occultations

Summer 2011:
Stephanie Gibson - Extrasolar Planet Transits
Andrew Wimmer - Pluto Astrometry
Sarah Leu - Pluto Astrometry
Nargiss Mouatta - Extrasolar Planet Transits
Virginia Nicholson - Site Characterization
Timothy Alsobrooks - Site Characterization

Summer 2010:

Merrit Boyd - Spectroscopy / Instrument Calibration
Stephanie Gibson - Extrasolar Planet Transits
Rebecca Jensen-Clem - Occultations (P20100407 observations, 55636 re-reduction)
Hana Khalil - Spectroscopy / Instrument Calibration
Nargiss Mouatta - Extrasolar Planet Transits
Kathy Tran - Photometry / Intrument Calibration
Matt Sooknah - Photometry / Instrument Calibration
Will Wolstenholme - 24-in observations Strip scan testing
Fakhri Zahedy - 24-in observations Strip scan testing

Summer 2009:

Robert Arlt - Walace observations, camera characterization, software development
Dora Gao - Lowell Observatory observations
Rebecca Jensen-Clem - Lowell Observatory observations
Emma McKinney - Wallace observations, website development
Caroline Morley - Wallace observations, extra-solar planet transits
Jessie Perez - Wallace observations, LCO observations, occultation candidate astrometry
Sharon Rapoport - Wallace observations, camera characterization, software development
David Somach - Wallace observations, observatory engineering

(Previous years)

Former PAL Members:

James L. Elliot - Professor of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences; Professor of Physics; Director Wallace Astrophysical Observatory.
Elisabeth Adams - Extrasolar planets and the Kuiper Belt
Kelly B. Clancy (Research Associate) - Peace Corps Turkmenistan, now in graduate school
Matt Lockhart (Research Associate)- Extrasolar planets and POETS instrumentation
Julia F. Kane (Grad. Student/Undergrad. Student) - now in law school, Stanford
Susan D. Kern (Postdoctoral Associate/Instructor/Grad. Student) - now at Space Telescope Science Institute
Stephen M. Slivan (Visiting Scientist) - Asteroid Lightcurves
Michael J. Star (Research Associate) - now in medical school, Israel
Angela M. Zalucha (Grad. Student) - now at SWRI